Best Candy Bars


There are many tremendous candy bars but this is my list of the best five. Feel free to provide your own list or comments below.                                                                  ———————————————————————————————————————–
5) Milky Way
While I eat just a couple Milky Way per year it had to make this list due to the solid flavor and versatility it brings to the table. Very satisfying off the shelf, to me it’s even better frozen.

When it first comes out of the freezer it is rock hard and you really have to work to make progress, and you may wonder if you’ve chipped a tooth. Towards the end of the bar it has softened a bit and reaches a state of perfection.

4) Charleston Chew
This is no longer a mainstream choice, but probably should be. It’s the longest candy bar on the shelf and that has to count for something. What it provides is a tremendous combination of chocolate and vanilla, with a very distinct flavor and texture. And it is darn chewy.
3) Snickers
Not much to say about Snickers other than it’s the world’s top-selling candy bar for good reason. A true standard that never disappoints. Once I start a Snickers I always manage to finish it. We must persevere.
2) Butterfinger
This is where this list got tough and caused me a good deal of anxiety. The top two are so close and life without either one would be a struggle.
Depending on the angle you bite it, a Butterfinger might completely implode, with shards of the peanut and molasses center raining everywhere. There is just so much goodness in there even the makers have found it
difficult to contain.

1) Reeses’ Peanut Butter Cup
When someone asks what my favorite is, Butterfinger first jumps to mind. But when I really focus…I am taking Reeses’ to the desert island.
Like so many great inventions, the genius is in the simplicity-a perfect balance of peanut butter and chocolate. No matter the size it retains that wonderful shape with the smooth top and well-defined ridges along the side. A work of art in both form and function.

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